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ONLINE EXCLUSIVE | Wilma Cruise: Thinking with Animals

Throughout her accomplished career, Wilma Cruise has skilfully developed a visual language that formalises her renderings of animals (realistic or stylised) as unique compositional elements that advance her storytelling. In this exhibition, viewers can remark on how Cruise is able to accomplish this in both two and three dimensions.
‘Thinking with Animals’ proves to be a testament to Cruise’s unwavering dedication to her craft and her beliefs. Her practice is a powerful reminder of the significance of a compassionate coexistence.

Printer’s Picks: A Look at Priorities and Processes

This Online Extension of “Printer’s Picks: A Look at Priorities and Processes” features a selection of prints by Glen Baldridge, Deborah Bell, William Kentridge, Eddie Martinez, Sam Nhlengethwa, Sara Sanders, Dread Scott, Senzo Shabangu, James Siena, Diane Victor & many more, including behind-the-scenes stories from the perspectives of the printers and publishers involved in their creation.


Summer Salon Show 2023

Summer Salon is a retrospective group exhibition that celebrates the artistic collaborations that have blossomed at David Krut Projects over the years. This showcase brings together a diverse group of artists, both local and international, whose works are filled with vitality and offer an acute reflection of the times in which we live. With an eclectic array of artists, Summer Salon provides a multifaceted arena of subject matter, inviting the audience to explore and contemplate dynamic narratives. 

Over the years, this space has fostered artistic exchange, resulting in an ever-evolving dialogue between artists, art lovers, and the broader creative community. Summer Salon pays tribute to this unique spirit by featuring a selection of artists who have, at various junctures, engaged with David Krut Projects. It is a testament to the enduring relationships and creative camaraderie that have flourished in this vibrant artistic environment. 

This curated selection is not bound by a singular theme or narrative. Instead, it serves as a multifaceted arena where artists present their unique viewpoints and interpretations of the world. From the introspections of the self to critical global dialogues – these artists, each with their distinctive voices and perspectives, have created artworks that capture the essence of our complex and ever-changing world. From dynamic abstract compositions to provocative figurative pieces, the exhibition aims to mirror the revitalising energy of a new season.  

Phumulani Ntuli ‘Kunanela iphuzu emafini / Echoes of the Point Cloud’

‘Kunanela iphuzu emafini / Echoes of the Point Cloud’, a new collaboration between Phumulani Ntuli and David Krut Projects, will debut at the FNB Art Joburg Fair, 2023. This project showcases Ntuli’s first series of intricate unique works on paper made using an old-fashioned printing press in collaboration with Kim-Lee Loggenberg at the David Krut Workshop in 2023, as well as large mixed media collages on canvas from the artist’s studio. ‘Kunanela iphuzu emafini / Echoes of the Point Cloud’ contains excerpts from South Africa’s history of motion pictures in collision with current point cloud data, automation, and synthesis bestowed by Artificial Intelligence.

Peter Cohen ‘City of remembered futures’

David Krut Projects is pleased to present City of remembered futures, an exhibition of new drawings and unique lithographic works on paper by Peter Cohen. As a practicing architect, Cohen has an affinity for the built environment, with the relationship between the artificial and the natural, and populace and place, foremost questions in his practice. City of remembered futures explores the disconnect between notions of utopian and dystopian cities, and what emerges from the imagery is a sense of both the tension and harmony between natural elements and concrete counterparts.

‘Making Grass’ – Tamara Osso

Making Grass is an exhibition of new drawings and prints, as well as a performance piece, by Tamara Osso. The artist uses interdisciplinary collaborations and acts of collective imagining to explore how dance and drawing can augment each other.

Latitudes Art Fair

Join us at this weekend’s Latitudes Arts Fair, where we join over 40 galleries and 250 artists in the idyllic Joburg escape, Shepstone Gardens. David Krut Projects is pleased to present the work of three young female artists – Heidi Fourie, Mbali Tshabalala and Anna van der Ploeg, with unique and editioned works on paper made in collaboration with David Krut Workshop.

Anna van der Ploeg Omens in hot bacon contradiction

Anna van der Ploeg ‘Omens in hot bacon contradiction’

‘Omens in hot bacon contradiction’ is a new body of work by Anna van der Ploeg created in the David Krut Workshop in Johannesburg. Comprising oil paintings, sculptural woodblocks, and new collaborative etching editions and unique paintings on paper, van der Ploeg continues to probe notions of performativity, concealment, and tenderness in social interactions. Through seemingly mundane objects such as the table and pull-tab poster, she evokes elements of performance and ritual in our everyday lives, attempting to reveal the ‘mercurial undercurrents’ of the interplay between people.

‘Ex Terra Etcetera’ by Lynda Ballen

David Krut Projects presents ‘Ex Terra Etcetera’, an exhibition by Lynda Ballen.
The materiality of the artwork has long been the focus of Lynda Ballen’s practice. Now, with the ubiquitous presence of digital images, she makes a strong claim for the enduring value of the physical artwork. This new body of work presents drawings on handmade paper, oil paintings on board and etchings, all of which emphasise the significance of the ‘handmade’, and stress that the materials of the works are substances yielded from the Earth – hence the title ‘Ex Terra Etcetera’.

‘Marginalia’ by Nina Torr

Marginalia presents a body of surrealist oddities, which take notes from natural and cultural history, myth and folklore, specimen collections and historical book objects, created in such a way as to impart our current realities of digital screens and windows.


‘Ex Terra Etcetera’ by Lynda Ballen

David Krut Projects presents ‘Ex Terra Etcetera’, an exhibition by Lynda Ballen.
The materiality of the artwork has long been the focus of Lynda Ballen’s practice. Now, with the ubiquitous presence of digital images, she makes a strong claim for the enduring value of the physical artwork. This new body of work presents drawings on handmade paper, oil paintings on board and etchings, all of which emphasise the significance of the ‘handmade’, and stress that the materials of the works are substances yielded from the Earth – hence the title ‘Ex Terra Etcetera’.

Roxy Kaczmarek – ‘Shifting Positions’

David Krut Projects is pleased to present Shifting Positions, a solo exhibition of prints, paintings and installation by Roxy Kaczmarek.

Kaczmarek is a committed ecological artist who has consistently examined the intersections between the natural world and manmade environments. The invisible push and pull which causes disruption but also evolution and adaption in these interconnecting landscapes is what drives her inquiry through printmaking and painting.

Peter Cohen – ‘Colour in black and white’

David Krut Projects is pleased to present ‘Colour in black and white’ a solo exhibition of first works by Peter Cohen. In many of Cohen’s paintings and drawings, fine lines and a meticulous construction of shapes in shades of grey produce a sort of ‘bitmap’ image that defines a display space and colour for each ‘pixel’ in the work.

William Kentridge: Studio Life Gravures collaboration

Jillian Ross Print and David Krut Projects is pleased to present a new body of work through an exciting collaboration between William Kentridge, Master Printer Jillian Ross and the David Krut Workshop, together with photogravure experts, Steven Dixon in Edmonton, Canada and Zhané Warren in Cape Town, South Africa.

Stephen Hobbs – A Short Life with Bungalow Bliss

David Krut Projects is pleased to present A Short Life with Bungalow Bliss, a solo exhibition by Stephen Hobbs. The exhibition includes new monotypes, editioned works, myriad mixed media ‘box’ works, and a series of Plexi-glass assemblages. A significant departure from his work of previous years, the introduction of electric, jarring colours in the works presented reflect on some of the prevalent themes: states of anxiety and disorientation of both a global and domestic kind.

Mandlenkosi Mavengere

Forces of Ambition is an online exhibition of a body of work that depicts individuals who leave their familiar homes and territories, searching for better fortunes in larger cities and foreign countries. Mavengere’s works highlight the necessity of paper in the form of his signature hand-carved ‘Gondruala’ (a name derived from Gondwana) linocut bank notes, often used as backdrops for the subjects in his works. This fictitious currency stands for “the uncompromised environment of dwelling.”

Mbali Tshabalala

In 2021 the David Krut Projects invited artist and curator Mbali Tshabalala into the David Krut Workshop to collaborate on a series of unique works on paper. Working closely with printer Sbongiseni Khulu, Tshabalala created two edition variations using a range of techniques and materials, including paper lithography, linocut, black tea, chine colle and paper embossing.

Vusi Beauchamp – ‘The Cult of One’

Vusi Beauchamp’s provocative iconography employs popular culture, satire and stereotypes in service of a visual political commentary. He seeks to examine the post-apartheid South African government embattled within itself, the disconnect with its people and our vexed social climate under this new viral threat, mired by false news and heightened insecurities over corruption.

Heidi Fourie Residency Showcase, On Soft ground

Artist Heidi Fourie explored a recent return to the medium of drawing and the drawn mark in a residency at the David Krut Workshop in Arts on Main in 2022. She was also introduced to the technique of softground etching, producing a series of new editions.

Maaike Bakker “An answer to an unknown question”

Maaike Bakker’s exhibition ‘An answer to an unknown question’ presents a showcase of unique work on paper made in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop. Maaike plays with abstraction in her work, seeking to depict scenes from alternate realities.

Parallel Process

David Krut Gallery and FORMS Gallery are pleased to present ‘Parallel Process’ – an exhibition of new unique works on paper and paintings by Matty Monethi, Khotso Motsoeneng and Adrian Fortuin. ‘Parallel Process’ emerged out of a collaboration between the two organisations centred around the activities and skills transfer opportunities presented by the David Krut Workshop in downtown Johannesburg.

Roxy's pic of maja

Maja Maljević ‘Based on a true story’

David Krut Projects is pleased to present a new solo project by Maja Maljevic titled Based on a true story. The exhibition showcases a new body of works on paper unlike any other the artist has produced before, and paintings that form a counterpoint to the prints. The large-scale works on paper made at the David Krut Workshop are created in muted monochrome, with selected primary-coloured elements popping out of the composition, or floating on the surface. In limiting the colour palette, and choosing to re-combine a selection of the same elements in a number of different ways, light is shed on the choreography of the dance Maljević is engaged in with each shape, colour, line or technique.

Ryan Arenson – Baby Yellow

David Krut Projects is pleased to present Baby Yellow, a solo exhibition by Ryan Arenson showcasing a body of work that spans over ten years, including artist books, digital, ink and pencil drawings, and prints made in collaboration with our Workshop.

African Leipzig Residency

African Leipzig Residency – 9 South African Artists will be taking part in the Leipzig International Art Programme in Leipzig, Germany.

Alone of its Kind

David Krut Projects is pleased to present ‘Alone of its Kind’ – a group exhibition of artists working in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop to produce a variety of work in the monotype technique.


Creature Feature

‘Creature Feature’ is a group exhibition exploring the human-animal bond, the relationship between humans and other animals throughout history, and celebrating the significance that our beloved pets bring to our lives. The works on show include prints, paintings, drawings, photographs and ceramic works.

Stephen Hobbs – Woodview Residency

David Krut Workshop undertook a real time print residency with artist and long-time collaborator Stephen Hobbs for the duration of Turbine Art Fair. Visitors observed the artist and printers in action as they worked to produce a series of available, hot-off-the-press prints using the mediums of silkscreen, monotype, linocut, and paper sculpture.

Claire Zinn – The Day Lingered

‘The Day Lingered’ is a solo exhibition by Claire Zinn that displays an intertwining of different worlds, impossible landscapes and living things rendered with painstaking detail.

PRINT BOOK: Prints and Their Makers by Phil Sanders, Master Printer

Prints and Their Makers takes you behind the scenes to witness the creative process at the world’s top printmaking workshops. Master printer Phil Sanders offers an in-depth look at this versatile medium and places contemporary prints and practices in the context of traditions and techniques developed over more than a thousand years.

Zhi Zulu – The Curious Five

The Curious Five is a series of silkscreen prints by Zhi Zulu inspired by African stories being told for tourists and foreigners. The images are a humorous take on stereotypical, inaccurate and fantastical tales that foreigners sometimes believe – of wild animals walking in the streets of Johannesburg, or people keeping them as pets. Johannesburg is considered as a ‘concrete jungle’ – a mix and match of natural and urban, old and new, home-grown and cosmopolitan.

Olivia Botha

David Krut Projects is pleased to present CAUGHT, an exhibition of works by Olivia Botha. CAUGHT brings together prints made at the David Krut Workshop over the past two years alongside an accomplished body of paintings produced in April 2021 at The Fourth, a working space in Cape Town.

William Kentridge: Studio Life Series

For William Kentridge, COVID-19 lockdown was an opportunity to re-examine his own artistic practice and the very nature of the creative process. Kentridge has dedicated himself to making a series of films called Studio Life focusing on the place of production, confinement and sanctuary for an artist: the studio. A series of photogravure images, each directly connected to a film, is being created simultaneously in collaboration with David Krut Workshop.

Adele van Heerden

In June/July 2021, Cape Town-based artist Adele van Heerden spent a month in residency at the David Krut Workshop, making prints and completing works in other media that appear in her current exhibition at Lizamore & Associates Gallery in Fairlands. The following account of Adele’s time in Joburg tells the story of the inspiration she sought, and the way these images unfolded in the workshop, alongside her paintings.

Anna van der Ploeg

David Krut Projects is pleased to present Visitor, a selection of work by Cape Town-based painter and printmaker, Anna van der Ploeg, including paintings on cotton and wood and prints – both unique and editioned – made in collaboration with the David Krut Workshop.

Gail Behrmann – Tomorrow

David Krut Projects is pleased to present TOMORROW by Gail Behrmann. Gail’s rich layers of oil paint derive their meaning from Tang poets interpreted by Witler Bynner and Kiang Kang-Hu.

Heidi Fourie ‘Grass You Can Swim In’ Artist Book

David Krut Publishing is pleased to present Heidi Fourie’s Artist Book ‘Grass You Can Swim In’ – a limited edition publication produced in collaboration with the artist for her solo exhibition of the same name hosted in 2021.

Lebo Thoka: Eden

David Krut Projects is pleased to present ‘EDEN’ – an exhibition of artworks by contemporary photographer Lebo Thoka whose feminism lends itself to her artistic practice. Included in this showcase are images from Thoka’s 2018 series titled It is well: An Ode to Karabo; Seeds of the Dirt from 2020 as well as 2 new images titled Black of my Flesh 2020 & Initiation of Mary 2020.

Helena Uambembe: Commander Nel’s Archive

In an attempt to understand her family history within the bigger context of the history of both South Africa and Angola, and the ways in which they overlap, Helena wrestles with painful memories, absences and erasures. Her collaboration with the David Krut Workshop is an extension of this exploration. In this body of work Helena used the technique of Pronto Lithography combined with chine collé, collage and hand work to create a series of experimental unique prints.

Why Should I Hesitate Box Set

The William Kentridge Why Should I Hesitate Collectible Box Set includes two hardcover volumes, created on the ocassion of Kentridge’s large-scale retrospective exhibitions at the Norval Foundation and Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA) in 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. Included with the two volumes is a striking editioned print, made using lapis lazuli-based pigment, featuring text overlaid onto unique found book pages from the artist’s library.

Heidi Fourie – Grass You Can Swim In, 2021

This viewing room showcases the collaborations between Heidi Fourie and the David Krut Workshop throughout 2020, alongside a studio visit form the David Krut Gallery team.


Pictures worth a thousand words…

Pictures worth a thousand words, a group show of works that were created or relate to happenings in the year 2020. The exhibition includes works by artists from the David Krut Collective, projects from recent collaborators as well as associated artists. Maaike Bakker, Olivia Botha, Chad Cordeiro, Heidi Fourie, Sarah Hunkin, Roxy Kaczmarek, Sbongiseni Khulu, Maja Maljevic, Nina Torr, Patrick Rorke and Zhi Zulu amongst others.

Renewed Interactions | Rorke, McCrickard, Sanders

David Krut Projects presents a selection of work by new and renewed interactions by
established artists and makers. This includes new arrival Patrick Rorke, and renewed
interactions with artist Kate McCrikard and Master Printmaker Philip Sanders.

Wilma Cruise: Cruise at Krut 2020

OPENING 3 OCTOBER 2020 | 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, 10AM to 3PM
David Krut Projects is pleased to present Cruise x Krut 2020, a solo exhibition of unique paper collages and sculptures from Wilma Cruise’s studio, shown alongside recently completed editions from the David Krut Workshop (DKW).

Maja Maljević – 4 You Series

Maja Maljević’s 4 You Series is comprised of four editioned works published by David Krut Workshop in 2020. Each has been created from different elements used in Maljević’s previous series of unique works on paper, Winter Files (2019) and Documents for the People (2018), combined into something completely new.