10 African Artists will be taking part in the Leipzig International Art Programme in Leipzig, Germany. The 3 month residency exchange program beginning in February 2022 is arranged in collaboration with The Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg, and involves an etching project with Atelier für zeitgenössische Radierung Leipzig, has participation from David Krut Projects, and is made possible with generous support by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Roxy Kaczmarek

Artist and DKW Printer

Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu

Artist and Musician


Artists arrive in Leipzig, Germany

The artists arrived in Leipzig on...

Visiting Print Studios

On Sunday 6 Feb the residents visited...

Museum of Printing Arts

Written by Bongile Gorata Lecoge-Zulu (Artist in Residence at LIA)

Leipziger Volkszeitung article

Leipziger Volkszeitung journalist..

Studio visit with Olivia Botha

Roxy Kaczmarek visits Olivia Botha in Berlin...

Visiting Museums and Exhibitions

A photo essay of museums and exhibitions visited by the group...

In the Studio with Hemali Khoosal

Peak into Hemali's studio...

In the studio with Tsung-Hui Lauren Lee

Peak into the studio...


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